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Lake Katahdin’s Pastures  - breeders of registered Katahdins seed stock - Midwest champion bloodlines in south-central Louisiana.  Ricky and Elizabeth LoBell are the owners and manage the operation of the ranch. We strive on producing sheep that will do tremendously productive as livestock breeders on the ranch or shows. 

Researching for many years the Katahdin breed sheep acquiring some of the finest bloodlines and genetics traits drove us to the decision toward the Katahdin breed  - not only did we incorporate some of these outstanding traits in our flock programs but decided to expand our flock with some of the tremendous Midwest champion bloodlines genetics breeders.

Building a tremendous flock took years of research toward the goals we strive to build on. We strive hard on selections of breeding sires with outstanding genetics traits: straight long and correct with size -  ram sires traits produce half of your lamb crop which is a key factor. Selections of our breeding ewes are based on outstanding genetics traits and conformation.  

Growing up in south-central Louisiana we always acquired animals on my ranch and these Katahdin sheep are one of the traits that drawn Lake Katahdin’s Pastures to this breed.

Katahdin's breed – outstanding traits

Katahdin sheep were developed in the 1950s in the United States by Michael Piel. Katahdins are a cross between the hair sheep that Piel imported from the Caribbean and the British sheep breeds. The Katahdin’s breed was named after Maine’s Mt. Katahdin. 

Katahdins are drawn to breeders because they don’t require shearing and their documented resistance parasites is another distinct trait to the breed. 

Katahdins outstanding traits: fitness and reproductive traits, flocking instincts, and their adaptability to different climates are some of the traits that drew us to the Katahdin’s breed.


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