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My Katahdins flock and lambs are on rotating pastures of ryegrass and oats - supplemented with bermuda hay, alfalfa hay and grain feed calculated ration premixed with vitamins-mineral and proteins. Lambing takes place in my barns for monitoring. Ewes received their CDT-shots prior to lambing. Lambs receive three CDT-shots prior to weaning. Lambs are weaned at three and a half months. 

My flocks are culled hard keeping those with high breeders potentials and genetics traits. My entire flock are katahdins-KHSI-registered-100%, RR and scrapie free. Seed stock leaving my pasture will have their scrapie tags, vaccinations, hooves trimmed, RR documentation and certificate of veterinary inspection acquired by Louisiana State University.

Louisiana State University-LSU comes to my ranch on yearly maintenance - famacha and fecal egg counts are done randomly as preventative maintenance and guidance. 

Thanks Rack of Lamb Corral - Kansas  - Todd and Renee Bauer for incorporating my rams and ewes in my flock programs with your “TRB” Midwest champion bloodlines genetics with tremendous bloodlines backgrounds and Critter Creek Farm – Georgia - Duke Burgess for acquiring TRB-318 and his offsprings ewes lambs.

Lake Katahdin’s Pastures - “LKP” genetics will put production traits in your flocks - breeding stock -  Katahdins registered - RR.

Thanks, Katahdin’s breeders who have acquired Lake Katahdin’s Pastures. Lake Katahdin’s Pastures shepherds take great interest in the Katahdin’s breed.  Thanks for briefing my web-site.

2020 spring lambs from our herd at my ranch ready in mid-May. Replacement seed stock at times. 

Lake Katahdin’s Pastures – Lake, Louisiana -  Ricky LoBell - owner and lead shepherd - (225) 715-9219